Opinion: Decision by Coke to revisit Share a Coke campaign

  • 8 August, 2014
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“When Share a Coke was first launched it was an exciting campaign that cleverly created a strong personal and emotional connection to a huge global brand”

“In a world of social connectivity ideas need to capture the imagination to be considered worth sharing by the social community and Share a Coke certainly did that”

Share a Coke“The Share a Coke campaign was hugely successful and had the viral impact the brand was hoping for. Consumers posted pictures of themselves with their name on the coke bottle – in effect they each became brand ambassadors”

“Share a Coke became a treasure hunt and a game of real world snap, with people seeking out their name and their friends names to share with each other on one of the various social media platforms”

“The question is – can Share a Coke work second time around or has the social community moved on?”

“Perhaps the more relevant question is whether revisiting the campaign is a bold move by Coke or more likely is this the second phase of this creative campaign. It makes sense to drive the momentum, now that summer is here again…and a warm one it is, at that”.

“Coke have made a plenty of enhancements to the campaign, they have gone from 250 names to 1000 names to satisfy the pent up customer demand, they have added nicknames like mum, dad, bro and handsome so there are a lot more opportunities to ‘Share a Coke this Summer’ and a whole range of other ways to engage”

“Even though Share a Coke was wildly successful, the social community moves on quickly when they’re being bombarded by so much noise. So will they consider this super charged campaign old news? – I think not. This campaign hasn’t run its course yet.

“There still seems to be plenty of pent up demand amongst consumers to play treasure hunt and snap and share their escapades with their friends. Coke obviously believes the campaign still has legs and I am inclined to agree.”

David Allmond, Managing Director, marketing strategy specialists Peppered Moth Marketing

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