Emanuel Rosen: the power of word of mouth marketing


Emanuel Rosen started his career in marketing as an advertising copywriter before becoming Vice President of Marketing at EndNote – a specialist software company that helps academics publish their research.

At EndNote, Emanuel became passionate about word of mouth marketing and made a huge impact on the industry, driving his further success. After the sale of the company, Emanuel recognised that there weren’t any books dedicated to this powerful channel. That’s why he wrote The Anatomy of Buzz, the first guide on how to create a word of mouth magic in a campaign.

After the brilliant response to his first book, Emanuel has gone on to write a number of guides.

The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited focuses on how the internet and social media has fundamentally changed how we communicate. Within this realm, he’s identified a huge shift in power. What used to be brands telling customers what to expect has turned into customers having instant information from previous users and other trusted sources (TripAdvisor is a prime example).

His newest book: Absolute Value, helps us better understand what influences customers in this age of ‘nearly’ perfect information.

Aside from his own books, Emmanuel also recommends reading Everett Rogers: Diffusion of Innovation and the Heath Brothers: Made to Stick, both of which offer lots of practical advice that can inspire your marketing strategy. 

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