How to compete and win in the fast food market – Christian Mouysset – Founder of Hummus Bros


Christian along with his business partner Ronen are joint founders of Hummus Bros. Their story is fascinating and serves as a “blueprint” for all ambitious entrepreneurs who aren’t satisfied with early success and therefore are prepared to evolve their business to become mid-sized or bigger.

Hear how the inspiration for their business came from a personal need at university for easy to make, healthy food with relatively cheap ingredients.

After graduation they realised hummus could have commercial potential. They tested their ideas in food markets, this gave them amazing customer feedback and confidence in their ideas. They used this and their ever expanding understanding of customers’ needs to raise bank finance and opened their first branch in Wardour Street, London. Christian explains why they chose this premium location rather than a cheaper secondary one.

Their relentless focus on meeting customer needs and being prepared to make mistakes resulted in them not only surviving the credit crunch but managing to grow.

Christian shares their plans for future growth and explains how he looks for market opportunities that “others” fail to see.

Don’t miss this one, you will learn lots and feel very inspired.

Right now, Hummus Bros is pioneering the use of crowdfunded mini-bonds to raise funds to open three more locations in london over the next 12-18 months. For more information and to invest visit

Christian’s favourite book: Malcolm Gladwell – Tipping Point

Christian’s favourite charity: Save The Children

You can contact Christian via the Hummus Bros website



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