The words we write about ourselves are one thing, what people are prepared to write about us is another; the truth.”  Jonathan Slobom


“Peppered Moth Marketing have opened our eyes to what great marketing strategy really is. They rapidly understood our business and got us to an actionable plan for growth in no time at all”.

  Torstein Sorlid and Adam Sidbury, Executive Directors, Digital Fibre.


“This is the first time I’ve met marketing consultants that really “get it”. These guys took us on a journey to deliver a marketing strategy that hitherto we have struggled to nail down”.

Shanker Patel, CEO, Lords of Notting Hill


“Peppered Moth quickly helped us structure our thinking and prioritise our activities. We are now able to communicate our value clearly to our customers and target our business development activities accordingly.”

DolonAdam Hutchings, CEO Dolon Ltd.
Strategic market access consultancy for companies tackling rare/severe disease


“I have grown numerous businesses throughout my career and worked with many marketing people in multiple capacities. It has taught me that there are some superb people in that industry and also that a degree of caution should be exercised when choosing a marketing partner, because many ‘experts’ can prove to be anything but.

Very occasionally one happens across people who challenge thinking and offer something genuinely new and valuable. Jonathan is such a person and it would be fair to say that he has led me on a journey of discovery with regards to the potential of marketing. Moreover, he has shown himself to thoroughly deliver on his promises. More often than not, to over-deliver in ways unimagined.

I have worked with Jonathan on 3 separate occasions to help drive the success of my businesses, and also of my personal education and development. I recommend him with absolutely no hesitation. ”

marketing innovaRobert Denbeigh – Managing Director Innova IT


“I originally employed Jonathan to help with the website and our social media and ultimately he delivered so much more. Passionate, bright and articulate, he made a huge contribution to every aspect of the business and he really knows his stuff. A genuine team player, he is a pleasure to work with and I would hire him again in a heartbeat”
marketing innovaMichelle de Young, COO Service Graphics (formerly MD at Brandspace)

“Peppered Moth were quick to understand the challenges that the business faced and helped us formulate a programme to prioritise our strategy and devise an operational plan. The outcome of which is that company are now more focused on our goals and achieving them within a realistic timeframe”
marketing mgpDave Saunders, Commercial Director at MGP


“Before meeting with Jonathan I really thought marketing strategy was for big companies and a waste of time for a business like mine. He really helped me understand my customers/ patients and how to keep them willingly and often frequently coming back. I no longer cut my prices, in fact, I have put them up. I also now understand and have a plan to grow the Garry Trainer brand way beyond anything I previously thought possible. I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Peppered Moth. In fact, I have done just this and they are now achieving great things for friend of mine as well. ”
marketing gary trainerGarry Trainer, Founder

“Working on a very tight brief to help us identify new niche markets Peppered Moth quickly understood our needs and helped us put together an effective plan to implement. The first but certainly not the last time we hope to work with them ”
pepperedmoth marketing customer loc8tor limitedAnthony Richards, Managing Director – Loc8tor Ltd

What others say about us:

“Jonathan was the back-bone of the marketing strategy at Brandspace. His conception of ideas always turned into reality and could successfully drive them through to fruition. He was an integral part of the Company who was respected by all areas of the business.”

Kelli Chatzipani, Executive Assistant To Partners (Buick Capital)

“David is the best marketing strategist I know. He has a unique ability to take complexity to simplicity with a very practical approach to marketing strategy development. Beyond helping us prioritise our strategic opportunities he was able to ensure my senior team were fully aligned around the plan”

Richard Withers CEO Deallus Consulting

“When it comes to defining strategy, David really gets it. In a short space of time he managed to lead our diverse, international team through a simple, practical strategy development process to help us align around our vision, mission and strategic priorities. This was a landmark event for us from which we have been able to focus our limited resources on the right activities”

John Huber Executive Director
Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation
Chair, MDS- Alliance