Alan Latham -The Survivor – Founder of


Founder and managing director of the world’s largest resource for collectables toys and models as well as a major on line retailer.

Hear Alan’s journey from selling at fairs, going on line as the internet emerged and being so successful that eBay even advertised on his site. He has survived the dot com crash, recessions and overzealous investors. Throughout his journey he has always been willing to change with the market and reinvent his business. Today he runs the highly respected industry price guide and is so successful that he doesn’t even have to pay Google for his traffic.

When we discuss the “Law of Unintended” consequences you will discover how one simple amend on his website massively reduced his traffic.

He is driven by making people happy and the satisfaction of building a legacy.

Favourite business book is Mark McCormack – On Communicating

Favourite charity: RNLI


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