The Word of Mouth Marketing Genius – Ted Wright


Ted Wright

The world of marketing is changing at a phenomenal rate.

Some interesting facts that Ted discussed with us:

80% of people don’t believe that advertisers tell the truth

20 years go the average person saw 2,200 commercial messages a day. Now it is 13,000

The average commercial message takes 14 seconds for your brain to process. If you took notice of every commercial message, it would take 18 hours a day


The old model of placing ads and telling customers how good you are is rapidly becoming ineffective. So how are businesses effectively using marketing to grow?

Ted Wright has the answer.

Ted is a very successful entrepreneur, it’s in the family blood, he follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. He has become a student of how companies grow without any advertising, think Google, or in the USA TIVO.  He has learnt the fundamental marketing principles behind their success and most importantly how to apply them to all manner of businesses big or small across a plethora of industries. We are of course talking about the enormous power of word of mouth marketing and most importantly how to tap into it. Word of mouth marketing is all about people turning to other trusted people and asking their opinion about a product or service they are considering buying. These conversations are happening all the time, face to face and on social media. Ted is an expert on how this influencer eco system works and during our interview, he shares some highly valuable insights and advice that you can apply to your business to drive growth.

Today, Ted runs a highly successful marketing agency with offices in the USA and UK.  He has recently written a very practical book called Fizz, explaining how to use the power of influence in your marketing.

We were very inspired by Ted’s wise words and feel sure you will be too.

Ted’s favourite business book – Purple Cow by Seth Godin

Ted’s charity: The Boy Scouts

Ted’s contact details:


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