Tony Groom – Business Rescue – early diagnosis prevents business fatalities


Tony GroomTony Groom has an enviable reputation for helping businesses that are experiencing financial distress survive.His passion though extends beyond survival. Once the financial position is stabilised he actively works with the directors to develop a marketing strategy aimed at growth. Tony explains that just like going to the doctor, the sooner you seek help, the more options there are for treatment and the greater the chances of a successful outcome. Another medical parallel; clients find being able to speak with an independent professional, openly and frankly a great relief. This is why he has a 24 hour helpline and even a Sunday Clinic.

Tony has been running K2 Business Partners for over 20 years. In the interview he shares his knowledge, offers practical advice and discusses the many clients that he has helped over the years. In fact, Tony is an entrepreneur as well as very astute finance and marketing man and the valuable lessons he shares are applicable to all business whether in distress or not.

Favourite Books

  •  Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries – Leaders, Fools and Imposters: Essays on the Psychology of Leadership

Favourite charity:

  • High Ground –  a young charity, formed to assist in the transition from military to civilian life

Contact Details

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