Why are we called Peppered Moth?

Before the industrial revolution a vast majority of peppered moths were light in colour (peppered) and were highly adapted to their environment. Their camouflage made them hard to spot by predatory birds. During the industrial revolution black soot covered many trees and buildings not only killing the lichens that the moths lived on but rendering their camouflage against predators virtually useless.

The dark (melanic) form of the moth prospered in this new environment as it was more camouflaged on the soot covered trees & buildings. As a result the light coloured peppered moth became very rare. At the same time the dark peppered moth flourished.

Since the industrial revolution soot has cleared. Trees and building are no longer black and the original light coloured peppered moth has once again flourished and the black one is now rare.

The story of the peppered moths’ evolution is a parallel to marketing strategy and successfully growing a business over the long term. The key is the ability to meaningfully adapt to ever changing conditions in order to survive. Or in Darwinian terms “Survival Of The Fittest” whether in nature or in business!