Why don’t you ever see advertising from Facebook, Google, Linked In, Twitter or Instagram?

  • 3 March, 2016

You have to read lots of books to find the occasional gem. Hooked by Nir Eyal is one of the few great business books. It answers the fundamental and intriguing question:

Why don’t you ever see advertising from Facebook, Google, Linked In, Twitter or Instagram?

In its simplest form the answer is easy – they have a habit forming service that solves the users pain better than the alternatives.

Change creates opportunity

  • You can no longer place lots of display advertising to occupy a space in peoples minds. Media is very fragmented so there is a lot of waste and it can be very expensive.
  • People are giving brands less and less attention:
  • There’s more choice than ever before
  • There’s more marketing messages than ever before
  • Peoples lives are busier than ever before
  • Devices to access the internet are getting smaller and smaller PC- laptop- tablet- smartphone-wearable

These changes are big opportunity for scale up businesses

So what do these habit forming brands do?

Habit forming brands have worked out how to make consumers form new habits.

  • They connect the users problem with their solution frequently (many times a week) to create habit forming products.
  • They know, just like the old fashioned advertisers that money follows engagement because engagement keeps you top of mind.
  • They also consistently think of the users pain, if there isn’t pain, there isn’t a problem and there isn’t a need for the solution.

Nir reminds us that the goal of a product or service is to satisfy a need and that marketing tactics should convert internal triggers in the customers mind into external triggers that they can take action on. They then get a reward for their action which triggers them to come back multiple times and often increase their investment of money and time. They also invest their personalise reputation by telling others. In other words, word of mouth which is the most powerful marketing tool available.

Nir Eyal's model

Nir Eyal’s model

If you don’t have time to read this great book, the main messages are summarised in this infographic. The crucial question that Nir doesn’t discuss is “How are you going to develop a robust marketing strategy to support this incredibly valuable marketing tactic?”

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Jonathan Slobom (Founder, Peppered Moth Marketing)

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